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The Internet has created a true North American market for US and Canadian based companies. It also has, for many, created a logistical nightmare with regards to shipping, distribution, duties, taxes and warranties.

Raeview specializes in assisting businesses in establishing a North American business presence, strengthening ties with existing clients and cultivating customers in other sectors. In order to accomplish this goal, Raeview crosses the traditional barriers between sales, marketing, logistics, customer care, operations and management in order to streamline and promote this process of expansion.

Consulting Services

One of the foundational aspects of Business Development or BizDev, is to assess the current structure of the company as it relates to the Deliverables, Maintenance and Expansion of the business. To this end, Raeview works closely with senior management, sales and marketing professionals to identify the degree of penetration already enjoyed by the company in various sectors of the customer base. Taking your technology and user requirements into account, we offer consulting, development, and services for continued growth.

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